About Vermilionaire


The Lost Bayou Ramblers are proud to announce their latest full-length release, Vermilionaire (Bayou Perdu Records).

Vermilionaire (ver mil’ ye nar’) n. inhabitant of Southern Louisiana who benefits from the region’s rich culture and environment.

Recorded along the Bayou Vermilion in pure analog format at beautiful Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA this follow-up to their 2008 Grammy Nominated Album a la Blue Moon captures the unique and soulful character indicative of the Lost Bayou Ramblers’ well-honed deep roots sound. The raw and raucous texture of the Lost Bayou Ramblers combined with the rock recording sensibilities of Recording Engineer and Producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith (The Bubble Studio – Austin, Texas; Production and Mixing for acts such as Jet, The Meat Puppets, and The Dandy Warhols) come together to produce a full-length album that is steeped in tradition while forging ahead with an unabashedly original sound.

“For musical inspiration, they look back to Conner, Lawrence Walker and Austin Pitre, and they treat the music as dance music first and foremost, highlighting the swirling quality of music that fills the Jazz Fest Cajun mosh pit. The intensity and singlemindedness with which they foreground it, though—that’s punk rock, and keeps the music from sounding retro or dusty.” -Alex Rawls, Offbeat Music Magazine, New Orleans

Louisiana is rich and threatened at the same time, but the Cajuns of South Louisiana have long lived along that fine line between wealth and poverty, security and danger; and they have turned that tension into some of the best art ever to emerge from a people. Vermilionaire provides solid proof of that vibrant art form. From hard driving dancehall sounds (“Cote Gelee”) and atmospheric fiddle excursions (“Homage a Varise”), to all new original songs (“Valse l’Autommne”, “Main St. Special”) the Lost Bayou Ramblers draw on that basic tension of possessing and longing, hope and despair, tradition and progress. The band manages to do what Cajuns have always done – utilize the familiar (not the “old”) to address the contemporary and say something new along the way. In the end, what enriches Louisiana is not just its environment, but the people who keep stewardship over it – they are the Vermilionaires.

To find out more about the Lost Bayou Ramblers and their latest release Vermilionaire visit the band at http://www.lostbayouramblers.com

To find out more about the Dockside Studios in Maurice, LA visit www.docksidestudio.org
To find out more about The Bubble in Austin, TX visit www.myspace.com/thebubblestudio
To find out more about Terra Nova Digital Audio, Inc in Austin, TX visit www.terranovamastering.com


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