Public Hearing Regarding Natural Gas Storage Facility Near Lake Peigneur

From LEAN:

When: Thursday, October 1, 2009 at 6:00p.m.
Where: New Iberia High School

Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. is asking concerned citizens to attend the DNR Public Hearing for the Mineral Board Approval of the Operational Agreement between the DNR and AGL Resources/Jefferson Island Storage & Hub.

The hearing will be held at New Iberia High School, 1301 E Admiral Doyle Dr. New Iberia, LA (on the corner of Jefferson Terrace & Admiral Doyle), at 6PM.

Jefferson Island Storage and Hub LLC. (JISH) natural gas storage facility, owned by AGL Resorces, Inc., currently operates two storage caverns and an extensive pipeline facility near Lake Peigneur in Erath. The company plans to expand the facility, pending the settlement of current litigation against the State of Louisiana.

The hearing is scheduled to address concerns before the State makes a decision whether or not to approve a principal agreement that would settle the litigation and enable AGL Resources to expand its natural gas storage facility at Jefferson Island.

Storage of natural gas and other substances including carbon dioxide in existing caverns and new caverns would be permitted. The current agreement cites the withdrawal of three million gallons of drinking water daily from the Upper Chicot Aquifer, however the agreement would also allow for the request of additional water removal from the Aquifer.

Save Lake Peigneur, Inc. has requested for a federal Enviromental Impact Statement to be conducted prior to approval of this agreement or permitting.

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