23nd Annual LEAN People’s Conference

From LEAN:

The 23nd annual LEAN People’s Conference will be held on Saturday, September 26, 2009.

We decided to mix it up a bit this year. We decided to move the conference to the Lod Cook Alumni Center at LSU in Baton Rouge, a very nice facility on beautiful University Lake. We have also decided to focus more on celebrating all of your accomplishments and getting us all inspired to do more. This year the conference will feature the LEAN Awards Ceremony, some updates on the good things that are going on and a featured speaker and film showing that should be a real treat! Come reconnect with your LEAN family, get recharged and reinvigorated and just generally pass a good time!

After the LEAN conference we hope that everyone will be able to head over to Alligator Bayou to attend a fundraising event that Alligator Bayou Tours is holding to raise funds for their Save Alligator Bayou campaign. There will be a live Cajun band and plenty of wonderful Cajun food.

Featuring keynote speaker, explorer, writer and filmmaker, Jon Bowermaster.
With the first ever screening of Jon’s latest film which focuses on Louisiana and features some of our LEAN family!

Begun in 1999, Jon’s OCEANS 8 project is a series of expeditions launched to explore the world’s oceans from the seat of a sea kayak. Used as both transportation and as floating ambassadors, sea kayaks allow Bowermaster and his teams – comprised of some of the world’s top photographers, filmmakers, scientists and navigators – to reach corners of the world rarely seen. The goal of each expedition is adventure crossed with an assessment of the health of the seas and the lives of the people who live and depend on them.

His reporting on the relationship between man and the sea continues, with new films on the Galapagos, Louisiana and the Maldives in-production. His blog – “Notes From Sea Level” (www.jonbowermaster.com) – gives him a daily forum for continuing the conversation with a growing audience. He is currently finishing two new films, “What Would Darwin Think?” about the relationship between man and the Galapagos and “SoLA” about Southern Louisianans and the water that surrounds them – creeks, rivers, bayous, the Gulf, the Mississippi.


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