Help Protect a Threatened Gulf River from the Energy Department’s Plans

From the Gulf Restoration Network:

Since 2006, the Department of Energy has been moving forward with plans to hollow out a series of salt domes near Richton, MS in order to expand the nation’s petroleum reserves.  This plan, which would cost $4 billion dollars of taxpayer money, involves removing 50 million gallons of water a day from the Pascagoula River and then using this water to dissolve natural salt deposits in the domes. The polluted, extremely salty byproduct would then be dumped off the coast of Mississippi’s barrier islands. Learn More

To pour salt on the wound, this wholesale environmental destruction will cost taxpayers $4 billion.  With a new head of the Department of Energy, now is the time to stop this madness: send the DOE your personal message now.

Our nation faces a variety of real and pressing challenges, from the growing economic turmoil to the impending consequences of global climate change.  Amidst all these significant challenges, it’s hard to believe that the Department of Energy is ready to squander $4 billion dollars on this environmentally destructive project.  It’s time that the federal government focused its efforts on ending our dependence on oil rather than squandering precious dollars on solving yesterday’s problems.  Send a strong message to the Department of Energy today asking them to stop the salt dome madness before it’s too late!


~ by vermilionaire on February 12, 2009.

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