Louisiana and the EPA need to admit that the Dead Zone is polluted

From the Gulf Restoration Network:

The Clean Water Act requires Louisiana to officially list all polluted waters in the state every two years.  Despite the fact that a Dead Zone forms in the Gulf every summer, Louisiana has not listed the Mississippi River or most of the Gulf coastal waters as polluted.

The Clean Water Act requires States to list all waters that are polluted – the first step in prioritizing them for clean-up.  Currently, none of the coastal waters nor the Mississippi River are listed by Louisiana as being polluted, despite the fact that they are loaded with the nutrient pollution that causes the Dead Zone.

GRN is sponsoring a e-letter writing campaign to get the LA DEQ and the fed EPA to make sure that Louisiana lists the Mississippi River and the Coastal Waters of Louisiana as polluted with too much nitrogen and phosphorus, which causes low oxygen in the Dead Zone.  Help out by adding your name and sending your letter here.


~ by vermilionaire on October 10, 2008.

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